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What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is all of the following (for both men and women):

  • A wonderful sensation of the climax of extreme sexual pleasure
  • A complex and recognisable pattern of activity throughout the nervous system with corresponding changes in the levels of various chemicals in the body, and especially in the part of the brain associated with pleasure
  • The involuntary spasm of muscles surrounding the genitals manifesting itself as several strong reflex contractions
  • The release of sexual tension, so that the immediate desire for further sexual stimulation usually subsides for a while.
In men, the contractions usually cause the ejaculation of semen.

If you have not yet experienced an orgasm, the best way to find out what one is is to have an orgasm for yourself!

You can see erotic photos and movie clips of women having real orgasms in our members area if you join

As with all topics of conversation relating to sex, there are many colorful euphamisms for orgasm. Just to avoid confusion, these are just a handful that all mean the same - to have an orgasm:

  • to come (sometimes spelt "cum")
  • to get off
  • to blow one's load
  • to climax
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