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Here are links to galleries showing our own exclusive content. We filmed and shot all of this material ourselves and we are sure you'll find something to get you going...

Sammy said she really liked the repetitive onslaught on our sex machine while she manipulated her clitoris with her fingers... These extra pics were taken at the same time as the others featuring Sammy - but we only just found them again!

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Coco is quite tall and thin, but still has one of the nicest asses when she's on all fours pointing it at your face. She is a bit shy about internet exposure, so wears sunglasses and covers her face with her hair. It didn't matter too much with Coco, because her expression hardly changed, regardless of whether I was rubbing oil all over her, or she was rubbing her clitoris with cream, or whether a dildo was plunging in and out of her pussy while she vibed herself - always a calm expression with eyes closed and an occasional lick of her lower lip. I'm not sure if Coco had an orgasm! There were a couple of periods of noticably deeper breathing, but no moaning or twitches of the hips. When she left, Coco gave me a kiss and a nice smile, but left me with a mystery... what was going on in her head during our session?

Amber is a bit of an enigma from London. You could equally well call her a dizzy tart, a foul-mouthed slut or a cute mischieviously playful girl. I'm just sorry that her "orgasm" is clearly faked and she didn't even try very hard. But she did drip hot candle wax on her tits and rub her pussy with a dildo, and I'm grateful for that.

Ang is a sweet Korean girl who is a bit shy about people recognising her, so she wears sunglasses. Here are the photos taken during the session in which Ang had an orgasm using a little bullet vibrator. Ang's orgasm is shown in the movies, but some of the photos are pretty erotic too.

Miko is a really sweet 19 year old from China. She seemed genuinely naive about sex toys and had never even seen a vibrator before, let alone used one for real (that's what she said, and I believe her). I guided Miko to hold the vibrating ears of the rabbit vibrator against her clitoris, and you can see how her smiling expression changes to a furrowed brow of near ecstatic concentration. There are more pics of Miko to come, which I shot on 35mm film rather than the digital pics you can see in this gallery. I had to ask Miko to stop just as she seemed to be coming to her orgasm so I could change film without missing the climax. She looked so disappointed! But she was soon back in business and quickly had her first vibrator orgasm. The final few pics are just to prove that the vibrator really vibrates!

Sammy is a cute Thai model. She arrived at the hotel, we said hello, and pretty much immediately she shoved a dildo up her cunt. Who said romance was dead? She also used a wand vibrator simultaneously with the silicon dildo which she definitely seemed to enjoy.

Sammy said she really liked the repetitive onslaught on our sex machine while she manipulated her clitoris with her fingers... These extra pics were taken at the same time as the others featuring Sammy - but we only just found them again!

Sammy took to the thrusting dildo sex machine like a nymphomaniac to a Viagra convention. With a little rubber cock thrusting quickly in her pussy and a powerful vibrator held on her clit, poor Sammy had no chance against the onset of orgasm.

Sammy really got turned on watching the lesbian porn movie of girls and a Sybian machine. She was using the Veille clit stimulator - a silicon rubber finger cover with blobs at the end, and she liked it.

Sammy was amused at the idea of taping a bullet vibrator to a balloon and grinding her pussy against it until she had an orgasm. Halfway I tossed her some teeth clips and she pegged them on both nipples and just above her clit. I'm not sure what caused the biggest bang, the balloon popping or Sammy's orgasm.

Amber wouldn't take the dildo internally (she doesn't "do hardcore any more," she said) but rubs the length of it against her pussy and moans for a while. She appears to orgasm, but I'm sure it's a fake. Ssshhh, don't tell anyone...

Amber let me tape little vibes to her titties and then used a larger vibrator on her pussy. I think she liked the sensation, but was always in "posing" mode rather than relaxing and trying to have an orgasm.

Amber didn't blink an eyelid when I asked her to drip hot candle wax on her boobs. She seemed to enjoy the mild burning sensation.

Amber asked for a bottle of red wine right at the beginning of the shoot, and I think she was getting drunk by this stage. She strips out of her bikini and rubs canned cream onto herself before masturbating.

Amber complained that when she'd covered herself in cream once before, she ended up stinking, so she didn't want to apply much, and then washed it all off thoroughly. Clearly she's an experienced food fetishist.

Rosie arrived for the shoot and we got straight down to business - stripping until she was topless to show off her small and well formed tits, just wearing her denim jeans.

Rosie's butt is asking to be bitten and spanked in these pictures. When she got into bed, you can imagine she's calling you on the telephone to beg you to come over to keep her warm.

Rosie agreed to pose in the hotel swimming pool and sauna. The photos are quite poor due to the lack of light and the rush we were in to avoid being caught and ruining my camera in the steam, but you can get an impression of the hot, cramped, sweating, steaming atmosphere.

Rosie covered herself in baby oil in these photographs and I tried to set the light up to make her look really shiney. Can't you just imagine yourself slipping and sliding with her...

Rosie is a real submissive and seemed genuinely to crave my quiet approval. She is far more experienced in bondage than I am, so although she was the sub, she was also pretty dominant about how she wanted to be dominated! Rosie wrapped herself in clingfilm and I finished off the last bit of shrinkwrapping. Afterwards she struggled to break free.

Rosie is a delicious 19 year old model who enjoys being submissive and is totally into non-sexual bondage. In these movies she is bound in tight shrink wrap cling film and struggles to escape. Eventually she makes it after a great deal of wriggling and gasping, tearing herself free. You'd be amazed how genuinely eager to please Rosie is. I wanted to pay her extra for staying longer than we originally agreed, but she would not accept it, not even to cover her travel expenses, saying she was pleased to give me what I wanted.

Nadia is a Model from England. She explained her complicated ethinic origins to me, but I was kinda drooling and looking at her tits so I've probably forgotten the exact details. She's European and Asian, made up of English, Czech, Malaysian and Filipino, if I recall correctly. Nadia brought her own vibrator, which sets an excellent example to all the young ladies out there.

Nadia posed outside for this short set, right outside in the hotel gardens. We could not see in the windows properly, so had no idea if anyone was watching. Nadia would have stripped further, but I didn't want her to get into trouble... SORRY GUYS!

Nadia posed on the bed for this set. Isn't her ass lovely? And when she open her legs everything is just right. She has the perfect pussy. Nadia agreed to use the sex machine for our next shoot which I'm really looking forward to.

Nadia looked at porn on my laptop. Can you recognise the girl? It's Susie the lovely Thai model who you can find elsewhere at After looking at pics of Susie for a while, always saying things like "Wow, she's toned" and "Mmmm really beautiful", Nadia expressed an interest in a girl/girl lesbian shoot. I'll try and arrange it for you guys. You can see that Nadia is masturbating while watching porn, and she's wearing a Veille clitoris stimulator on her finger which she said helped her reach orgasm, but it was easy anyway because she was feeling so horny from the porn. Also she likes to be watched.

Nadia risked missing her train to allow me to throw flour, cocoa, olive oil and other gunge at her in the bath. She gets pretty messy and we had quite a giggle. Sorry to pics are fuzzy, we were really rushed.

Amber-Marie (aka Amanda Dawkins) is a pretty rude girl in her early twenties. In this photo set, she wraps herself tightly in clear clingfilm, with a bit of help towards the end, and then breaks free. Amber is quite a flirt and I caught her playing with her clitoris when she thought I wasn't looking!

Amber-Marie strips out of her clothes and shows us how flexible she is by performing contortion on the bed wearing just her leather boots. She's not a professional contortionist, but she is very bendy indeed. She is also naked which is something special as you don't often see nude contortionists!

Amber-Marie does a quick strip and poses in her bra and panties.

Ang is a sweet Korean girl who is a bit shy about people recognising her, so she wears sunglasses. It's a bit of a pity because she has beautiful eyes. She makes up for it by having a real orgasm while applying a mini vibrator to her clitoris. She also gets tickled and squirms about while using another vibrator. Ang definitely enjoyed it because she called me after the shoot to ask if we could do it again. Don't worry - we will!

Susie is a beautiful Thai model. Here she is posing seductively in a cute set of clothes, flashing her white panties from beneath her short skirt.

Susie is wearing a basque, suspender belt, stockings and high heel shoes at the start of this low key posed shoot. After a while she took off the top to reveal her toned figure.

Susie pretends to play with a vibrator for this short series. Toys were not part of the deal (Susie was only the third professional model I photographed, so I was still getting used to the etiquette), but Susie will do toys and girl/girl so that's what you'll have in her next appearance here!

Susie is a sweet Asian model from Thailand. Susie covered herself in baby oil for this shoot and spent longer than necessary rubbing it well into her legs, arms, breasts, tummy and her sweet tiny ass until she was glistening all over. She has one of the nicest asses I've ever seen and was a struggle not to ask if I could help apply the oil, especially when Susie gently played with her clit ring while I set up the cameras.

Susie is totally stunning in some of these photos. Covered with baby oil and wrapped in a cotton shawl, you could easily fall in love with Susie, she's so attractive. Don't you think she's beautiful?

Susie posed beautifully and I fouled up the exposure for these photos. The pictures are poor, but I thought they were worth putting up just in case you have a fetish for looking at pretty girls while you are wearing really dark sun-glasses.

Mika is a lovely Chinese girl from Hong Kong. She said she's been in porn movies before and was totally at ease with the camera. Oh yeah, Mika has *HUGE* tits! They're natural big boobs and she purrs when you touch them right. You can see she dispells any myth that Asian girls don't have large hooters. Mika tries our sexmachine, but doesn't really enjoy it. But she really likes being massaged as a reward afterwards.

Mika was really game when it came to trying our home-built electric sex machine. She found it too harsh a fucking, but felt better with the powerful little pink vibrator on her clitoris.

Mika didn't come using the dildo machine, so she tried using a vibrator (with vibrating rabbit ears) and I sprayed her with some kind of cooking oil which didn't give the visual effect I was expecting, but she sure tasted good!

Mika deserved a reward for trying so hard with the sex machine, and was keen to have a massage. It's a tough job, but someone had to do it! Mika was already pretty oily from the shoot, but I oiled her up some more and started massaging her extremely smooth body. She has beautiful skin and purred like a cat being stroked. Check out her soft nipples before and erect nipples during the massage.

Rosie strips out of her lumberjack shirt and jeans, to her bra and panties, then to completely naked. While nude she does a backbend, and while not a contortionist she is very limber. Rosie is a trained ballet dancer.

Rosie is wearing a pink thong bikini and high heeled shoes, poses on the bed and then reveals her nipples and sweet breasts. Once naked, she shows us a very interesting vase, from several angles and at different heights.

Rosie is a pretty model who looks like a very innocent girl indeed in these photos which I took when she was just 19. She's clever and fun to work with, but I suspect she's not really as innocent as she appears.

Rosie produced some lovely poses for this series of pics. Her long dark hair contrasts with her delicate skin... and would you just like to bite her butt?

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