"Nature has had 4 billion years to evolve sex, and Dave Lampert has had less than a decade..."


"With the new slow motor, I can now have sessions that last two, three, sometimes four hours. The best way I can describe it, is it is like floating along on a slowly drifting gentle orgasmic cloud. How is that for an allegory?"


"In praise of Dave, Karen and all the folks at ABCO. To those of you on the fence about shelling out the admittedly considerable bucks for a new Venus, I say, "Just do it!" You know you want it, and believe me, you'll be glad you did. The limitless variations of lube, speed, position and tricks will provide you with hours and hours of exquisite pleasure. The machine is well worth the money. Take it from one who has owned one for several years. I've tried all kinds of masturbation devices, and it was not until I got the Venus that I was satisfied. It does precisely what I had in mind, only better. I love it. The machine is versatile and built to last. It is extremely reliable. I know it's going to work just fine every time I use it. And it does. All of the folks at Abco, especially Karen, are friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to call. It's great fun experimenting with Venus. Even after all the time I've had mine, I'm still finding new ways to enjoy myself with this fine product. It's been a wonderful investment. I would recommend it to anyone. You can't put a price tag on ecstasy. This thing had paid for itself many times over."

JC Himself

"I am enjoying this learning period I'm in right now. I received my Venus 3 days ago and have been on it 5 times. Maybe the newness will wear off eventually, but it hasn't yet!"


"(The Receiver) worked very well and had a most satisfying feel. I always, without exception, came to far above orgasm. Those good experiences, plus reading your "News for You" series on the Internet, are responsible for my decision to buy my Venus."

J.G. - Tulsa, OK

"I used the Receiver for about 3 or 4 months before buying the whole 9 yards this week."

B.P - Ohio

"I can't get a hard on anymore, and you can't jerk off when it's soft! Venus 2000 gets me off real easy. I can come real quick or turn down the speed and take my time."

B.J.E.- Atlanta, GA

" I live alone and leave Venus out all the time. If I get horny while I am home, I solve that problem immediately. Does away with all sexual tension."

I.D.-Cleveland, OH

"A few months ago I purchased a V2000. It gives me orgasms without ever getting erect, much easier than oral sex from my wife. We still hug, kiss, and cuddle and now we both can have all the orgasms we wish. Modern technology is wonderful!" Editor note: they also own a Sybian

B.F.- Flagstaff, AZ

"Thanks! Your staff was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable, talking about a subject I find embarrassing."

J.L.- Colorado Springs, CO

"I have spent hundreds of pleasurable hours with my Venus 2000. If more guys had this, it would solve alot of problems in our society."


"My advice to potential buyers: pick up the phone and order it! Then camp out at your door for the UPS truck. This is really one instance when something too good to be true is true. Thank God for engineers."

C.J.- Louisiana

"I was shocked when I first saw the price but after sleeping on it for 2 days I decided to give it a try on your 45 day trial. Turned out to be one of my best investments ever."

T.K. - St Louis, MO

"I'd still prefer a sexy woman, but as a single guy, I'm horny sometimes when I don't have anyone around. The V2000 fills in just great."

A.L. - Chicago, IL

"My wife and I usually have our sexual time in the evening. Even so, I almost always wake up with a hard-on, so now I set my V2000 out in the evening and use it almost every morning. I can use it, wash it, and put it away in less than 5 minutes. Gets my day off to a great start."

D.N. - Dallas, TX

"My wife wants sex once a week and I want it once a day. V2000 is the perfect equalizer."

J.R. - Lexington, KY

"The promotional video was very helpful in showing me what to expect. I had no idea the machine could be so powerful."

T.E. - Kansas

"You can actually see the outline of your penis through the rubber liner. It's like looking inside the woman and seeing what you are doing to her. It's a turn-on for me."

J.J. - Los Angeles, CA

"I am single and in three years, I spent over $5000 talking on phone sex lines while I masturbated. Owning a V2000 saved me several times the cost. Great invention!"

K.W. - Gary, IN

"My dad purchased the V2K for me. He bought it because he has Peyronie's Disease and says it was caused by years of hand masturbation. I am 21 and I have already started to get the masturbator's curve. I have plenty of girlfriends but still use my V2K often."

M.M. - Columbia, SC

"I am gay and call it "Stud". I think most people masturbate when they don't have a partner readily available. Since my normal choice of partners presents some definite health risk, I use "Stud". It does what it is advertised to do. It's easy, satisfying, and I consider it an excellent investment."

J.L.G. - San Francisco, CA

"I am one of those people who believe in doing it right the first time. When I purchased my Venus 2000 I bought all of the attachments available. I use the Head Massager for foreplay. If 'Mr. Happy' doesn't want to play I 'Pump' up his ego. Then the Receiver strokes me into ecstasy. My partner loves her nipples massaged while she is riding her Sybian. Venus truly does it all! What fantastic products."

G.R. - Australia

"I appreciate the highly professional manner in which you conduct your business."

E.S. - Springfield, MA

"My husband and I mate as often as rabbits when I am at home. But I have this great job that drags me out of town several days each month. I bought myself a Sybian and him a Venus. When I get back to the motel I take a hot bath and then call him. I ride my Sybian while Venus gets him off. We have the best phone sex ever! Thanks Abco."

J.A. - Milwaukee, WI

"My job requires that I travel extensively. I was pleased to learn that Abco had a unit available that I could convert to 240V when I go overseas. I have a great wife and wouldn't jeopardize what I have for anything."

R.B. - (Emailed from Germany)

"Here in Thailand the babes are cheap, but the thought of disease scares me. I'll take my Venus any day!!"

V.Y. - Thailand

"What a cool idea. We love the Head Massager! My husband loves oral sex, but sometimes I get tired. This little thing is more fun and gives my jaws a break!"

S.P. - Boise, ID

"My wife and I have a very loving relationship. Most of the time she will have sex when I want to. There are times when she's just not in the mood. That's when she just gets Venus out. She sets me in the recliner, lubes me up, and slips Venus on. You should see the glint in her eyes when she runs the controls! Sometimes she lets Venus finish me off and sometimes she doesn't. Adds a whole new way to play in our relationship."

D.B. - Illinois

"I get really horny... a lot. I have done some downright stupid things just to get off. The Venus 2000 is ready when I gotta have it. I don't have to pick up some hooker or piece of strange anymore. Bet my buddy in the pen wished he had one a couple of years back. It's probably kept me from joining him!"

B.T. - Louisiana

"When I ordered this thing I was afraid it would be boring. Figured it would stroke the same way all the time, like a robot or something. Boy was I wrong! I can go from really slow long strokes to those tight fast 'short rows'. You people really know what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I am gonna try to wear this thing out!"

J.T.Jr. - Memphis, TN

"My mom is a single mother and she bought my sister a Sybian. A few months ago she bought me a Venus. We have had many family discussions on casual sex, masturbation, and disease. These machines have allowed us to make more responsible decisions about sex. I am thankful to be in the position where the 'little head' doesn't do all the thinking for the 'big head'."

W.K. - Denver, CO

"Got my receiver yesterday...you convinced me: I gotta have the whole package!"

J.S. - Seattle, WA

"Prior to the video, I had difficulty picturing the head massager in my mind based on what had been written about it. That super video showed me what I needed to know: I ordered one and love it."

R.C. - Las Vegas

"You people are a life saver with me. I am an octogenarian and need a little help sometimes in getting and maintaining an erection. Your Pump is a masterpiece and a joy to use. After inserting my penis into the Receiver I am erect and hard for the duration whether I have 15 minutes or 2 hours available." Bless you.

R.L. - Florida

"Have noticed that after using the Pump my penis has become thicker and seems to be well toned."

B.R. - Minnesota

"At 77 years of age I may be your oldest user..but somehow I doubt it. (Abco note..he has about 15 years to go) I think the greatest thing about the Venus 2000 is the fact that you don't have the feeling you are masturbating. It's wonderful to lay back, close your eyes and have 'someone' else do you. It's almost as good as the real thing....actually better than some of the 'unenthusiastic' women I've known in my life. Venus 2000 is superior to other devices I've tried that require you to keep pumping by hand which is not only tiring but diminishes the pleasurable feeling."

B.B. - England

"The V2000 with all the accessories is utterly fantastic. The joy and pleasure is unparalleled. It feels so good I must work to control my climax. With the V2000 I can turn off the switch and when I turn it back on, I am at the same speed. I can only do this so many times and then I can't hold it back any longer. Wow! What a climax. The V2000 is easy to move around. You should tell everyone to get one of the storage bags to keep their stuff in. I like to start with the Head Massager. It really gets me going. I am a widower and this fills all my needs."

Chas - LA

"I like using the V2000 at its slowest speed. I am using the shipping carton for storage, everything fits and goes right into the closet. No advertising on the V2000 or box so the cleaning lady will never know what it is. Every guy should be so lucky to own this. Love & happiness."

Jim - New Orleans

:I have been using the V2000 for some time now and it is great. I have had a partial erection problem for about 15 years (now age 60) and I don't have to worry about that with Venus. I average about one session per day with it.. I really like the slow speed feature. By the way, I also bought the Sybian for my wife and she always has climaxes, even though she was very reluctant to use it at first."

Jr - CA

"No other device has come anywhere close to how well the Venus has worked for me. I got tired of using my hand and wasting money on silly toys. The first time I used it I was totally astounded: Venus can make my eyes roll back in my head, and throw my body into spasms that make it difficult to turn the thing off sometimes. It isn't as warm and cuddly as a woman but produces very intense orgasms. I love it...best investment I ever made..I recommend it to any guy who wants to have accommodations on demand...wonderful."

D. M. - Ohio

Abco Research Associates does not always agree with the language, terminology and punctuation used in these testimonials. Although we have shortened several of them, we have otherwise printed them as given to us.



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