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The quality of orgasms


By Serge Kreutz
Version 1.0

I hold that the ultimate purpose of life is for us to experience overwhelming orgasms. Everything else in life is subordinate to this mandate of nature. You could call this a modified nihilist philosophy. I would say that it is still a nihilist philosophy because it doesn't put sense into anything that is outside our individual existence. We do not live to please a specific god, or for the sake of our children, and there is no meaning in an, however identified, common good. The only philosophy that makes sense is that we live to please ourselves, and orgasms are the ultimate pleasure.

There are a good number of aspects that play a role in orgasms, and their quality. I do believe that the science of sexology does not sufficiently differentiate between the qualities of orgasms. Orgasms aren't alike. Men can produce ejaculate as the result of laboring their sex organs, almost unaccompanied by sexual phantasies or sexual pleasure. They also can ejaculate almost involuntarily, purely as a result of psychological, not physiological stimulation. There is no doubt that the second kind of orgasms provides a much higher level of satisfaction.

Among the aspects that play a role in the quality of orgasms are those that are physiological, and those that are psychological. (In accordance with the materialistic principles of science, it has to be pointed out that even psychological aspects have their physiological equivalents. Jealousy, for example, is an emotion, but it also is a biochemical process. Nevertheless, I sort jealousy under psychological aspects because it has a mental expression. The health of my cardiovascular system, a precondition for good erections, does not have a primary mental expression … but nevertheless greatly influences the quality of my orgasms.)

Some people think I am fanatic about youthfulness. I am now around 50, but I spend most of my days taking all effort to be around 30. If I were to accept the loss of libido, the loss of sexual pleasure, or, in short, the general loss of quality of life that goes hand-in-hand with coming of age, I might as well commit suicide. I'd really not know any longer for what purpose to extend my life… except maybe to dedicate it to the research on how to reverse that unacceptable shit called aging. I have to admit that if I don't work on it, my orgasms aren't what they used to be some 15 or 20 years ago. The orgasms I could have as a masturbating teenager were more satisfying than what I often (not always) experience as a 50-year-old in the embrace of a teenage girl.

Good orgasms no longer are self-understood. And because this is so unacceptable to me, I have been researching hard and experimenting a lot in order to restore my sexuality as that of a young man.

I don't think that I am alone with this threat of loss of quality of life. The economic success of Viagra suggests otherwise, and so does the demand, in all societies on earth, for concoctions, herbal or chemical, that restore a man's libido to what it was when he was mid-twenties. I'm probably just, more than average, dedicated to solving the problem… a Dr. Faustus of orgasms, and I'm probably also, more than average, willing to write honestly about the problem. (I don't believe in literature as an art of minting words. My idea of literature is that of an aide to understanding life, primarily my own life. Honesty, therefore, is a quality in itself. The world is full of wrong information, often minted in impressive language… just take the bible as an example.)

I am sure that the ultimate solution to the problem I am citing (the loss of excitement in orgasms) will first be pharmacological, than surgical, and finally genetical. It will not be psychological, and even less philosophical. When overcoming the loss of excitement in orgasms will be as easy as stopping by a pharmacy, there will no longer be any need for treatises as the one you are currently reading. Such essays will be as unnecessary as sessions with a psychotherapist for the purpose of overcoming depression. Ghee, go and buy yourself some Prozac.

I wish I could issue some equally simple prescriptions for overcoming the loss of excitement in orgasms, for example: Bored with your wife of 20 years? Ghee. go and get yourself a teenage replacement. This will sometimes, but not always, solve the problem.

I am convinced that the real barrier is physiological. Our brains and testes no longer produce the right mix of hormones, neurotransmitters, prostaglandins, peptides, and whatever else is of relevance to afford us the bliss of really satisfying orgasms.

Apart from this site on the engineering of love, I maintain more than a dozen domains that deal with aspects on how to intervene pharmacologically with the decline in libido and sexual function. Some of these domains are:,,,,, is the most comprehensive of these sites.

Copyright © 2003 Serge Kreutz. All rights reserved.

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