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Are you an Orgasmaniac?
Come and see our girls cumming!
Genuine orgasms - women really cumming
Real orgasm pics and movies, 100% original
Vaginal contractions and female ejaculation

Genuine ORGASMS. See girls really cumming!

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This page sponsored by Vital XL:
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Particular techniques for making me orgasm are discussed under the headings for specific activities. See masturbation, licking, and muscles, which has a hands-free masturbation method. Sex pages up soon. Another article of interest may be this description of how the clitoris functions during intercourse.

I've made the other things I know about my orgasms into separate pages for ease of navigation. I have had many orgasms. The first orgasm I had was the first time I masturbated. I was rather surprised that I could make myself feel so good and hadn't noticed before. Having orgasms seemed like a good idea. I don't remember any particular best orgasm, or worst orgasm. I have noticed that I seem to have to be paying attention to have one.

Unlike many of the words on this website, I do like the word orgasm. In high school we used it as the magic word. I know a guy who still uses it that way. He also introduced me to the idea that 10 sneezes is the same as an orgasm, on the basis of some questionable scientific data relating to endorphins released during each process. Sometimes I still count sneezes per day.

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