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Jean S. from Cheshire, England, age 39
I started horse riding on my tenth birthday, as a present from my parents. It was a great adventure and I looked forward to it every Saturday morning. After a few lessons, I discovered that by sitting slightly too far forward in the saddle and twisting my pelvis back so that "down there" would rub against the saddle caused a lovely feeling through my jodhpurs (not jodphurs johdpurs or jodpers! They are riding breeches). But I felt somehow that it was wrong, not proper riding, so I kept it secret and did not even tell Diane, my best friend at the stables. Although my little sessions of saddle rubbing were not the main reason for enjoying riding, I devoted at least part of most lessons to "not riding properly".

During the long school summer holidays some years later, Diane had come to play at my house and we were sitting on the floor beside my bed. We had been giggling about something and then there was a period of silence when she said "I didn't know you were doing it too." I felt my face flushing bright crimson, but tried to maintain an air of innocent ignorance. "Doing what?" I replied. "You know..." and she stood up and stradled the corner of my bed, placing her crotch right on the corner. "You know... riding... I saw you." I was too embarassed to admit it out loud, but I knew that she knew. My mother called upstairs to say that tea was ready, so Diane left before we could talk any more.

At the next riding lesson I paid close attention to Diane, and sure enough she was rubbing up and down against the saddle. I was amazed that it was so obvious and it dawned on me that eveyone must have noticed me when I was doing it as well. But Diane didn't seem to care. After several minutes she let out five stifled gasps, her eyes tight closed just bouncing on her horse, not riding at all. Mrs P. our teacher whose husband owned the stables crossly instructed Diane to dismount and wait outside the gate while the other seven or so girls just looked at each other in amazement. It seems hilarious now, but Diane later told me that Mrs P. told her that she was very disappointed in her, and that nice girls rode properly without "all that nonense". Diane said that she knew I was watching her and that her normal saddle-rubbing had become unbelievably nice until she could not stop the feeling, "like running downhill so fast that you can't help falling over, but starting to fly as you put your hands out," she said, "you have to do it too." and she offered to watch me so that I could have the unbelievably nice feeling too. We knew Mrs P. would catch us if we tried anything in her lessons, so we made a plan to hide a saddle and gear under straw hehind the stables and sneak back at night and take Diane's horse out into the paddock.

The next Saturday night Diane and I cycled back to the stables and met at 2 a.m. We saddled up Diane's horse (her parents owned him so she had a key for the stable doors) and we walked him up the muddy track to the paddock. A stallion, the moonlight, and two girls with "all that nonsense" on our minds! We knew tonight was special and we admitted to each other that we were nervous and could hear our hearts beating loudly and quickly. It was fantastic to have such an adventure with my best friend. Then Diane suggested I take off my clothes, and we had a fit of the giggles, desperate not to make too much noise, but having more enthusiastic fun that at any other time in my life. I refused to strip completely, and we compromised by taking off our tops. I don't think we had any intention to touch each other, but I felt curious about how Diane was developing, and I think she was curious too, but we didn't mention anything. I mounted Diane's horse and trotted round Diane in a circle. All the while Diane and I gazed eye-to-eye as she turned slowly in the center to keep facing me, thinking that the key to what she had experienced was to have an observer. Familiar delight flooded my legs as my crotch rubbed against the saddle. The night-time summer breeze on my bare chest and the shared illicit intimacy with Diane was so thrilling I could not believe it. I honestly had to keep checking that it was real. As the feeling between my legs surpassed everything I had ever felt previously, I called out "Diane..." in a feeble voice and she replied "Don't stop. Just keep going." She put both her hands down the front of her jodhpurs, never breaking away from our gaze, and I remember thinking "This is sex, we're actually doing sex!" I let go of the reigns and grasped the front of the saddle and rode up further, gripping with my knees, grinding myself more against the saddle as I bobbed along. Incredible pleasure rose up in me and my mouth opened wide for a long while as I stared into Diane's eyes, breathing in deeper and deeper, hardly breathing out. It seemed impossible to experience any more joy but it slowly grew more and more until I knew something very different was coming to me. My vagina started contracting, my head fell foward and my legs tensed and went wobbly and I bounced inelegantly just as Diane had done in our lesson. I could not maintain our gaze. Wow! I mean WOW! My first orgasm was a shockingly beautiful experience, and I look back on it as one of my fondest memories as well as a frequent and reliable fantasy that always does the trick when I masturbate. I feel terribly lucky.

I did not make a frequent habit of using riding for sexual purposes, but Diane and I became and remain confidantes for everything, including all the details of masturbation and our sex lives with our husbands.

Leeann Chang from Maryland, USA, (age not given)
I found my brother's stash of porno magazines when I was clearing out the basement after he left home. It was not soft style these were heavy duty porns, a group of men and women having an orgy, two men having sex with the same woman at one time (one at front one at back), women putting vegetables into themselves and all kinds of other things I never saw before. It was the first time I ever saw pictures of hard penises. It shocked me but I was also a little bit enjoyed it. There were two vibrators wrapped in a grocery bag under the porno magazines. I had read about vibrators so I knew about them but never seen one before. I wrapped the vibrators back in the bag and took them to the bathroom. I washed one and switched it on but it did not work. I tried the other and it did not work either. They had no batteries! I wanted to try one so I took the batteries from a flashlight. It worked now and I felt the vibration on my hand. I cleaned the one I decided to use and hid it under my bed covers. I was real excited for when I would go to bed.

When I went to bed I took off my T-shirt and panties and it was strange and sexy to be naked in bed. I switched on the vibrator and held the end gently against my clitoris. I tried to set the speed faster but it was loud so I kept the speed slow. My left hand pulled my pubic hair up and apart while I kept the vibrator against my clitoris. I kept thinking I would have an orgasm soon like I read about but for a long time the feeling slowly come and go for twenty minutes. Then one time it did not go away and got so strong I almost could not breathe and my first orgasm happened.

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