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Becoming orgasmic - how to have an orgasm

This section focuses primarily on women, since very few men are unable to reach orgasm most of the times they want to. There are many reasons why a woman who wants to have an orgasm might not have been able to, and those reasons and their remedies are discussed in detail in some of our recommended books. But without dismissing the validity of those reasons, I tend to view them more as excuses than reasons, because if you're a woman and you follow the simple steps below, you will be able to have an orgasm. That's (almost) a guarantee!

I think it's fair to say that acheiving an orgasm can be 100% in the head, given that some women have woken from their erotic dreams in the middle of an orgasm without any physical stimulation at all, and studies have shown that some women can have orgasms during hypnosis at the suggestion of the hypnotist. Now, waiting for an erotic dream or using hypnotism isn't likely to be practical for many women, but the point is this: your state of mind is important, and being in the right mood and feeling sexy and good about yourself will help. But unless you have rare imagination, feeling sexy won't be enough by itself to give you an orgasm. So what will? That's easy - physical stimulation to your clitoris of the right type for you. Rubbing your clitoris, swlirling it around or jiggling it about with your fingers can feel great, but the most reliable way to have an orgasm is to employ a mechanical aid, and that's the trusty vibrator.

Step 1 - buy a vibrator
Whether it's called a personal massager, a sex toy, a novelty item or a marital aid, a vibrator vibrates. Neary all vibrators have an electric motor that makes an off-center weight spin. The motor is connected firmly to the outside casing so as the weight spins, it makes the whole thing shake. The electic motor can make the weight spin at many thousands of revolutions per minute, so the vibrator provides much faster stimulation that you can with your fingers. You touch the vibrator to your clitoris and after a few minutes it will feel wonderful.

Some vibrators have a simple on/off switch, but the better ones allow you to adjust the vibration speed. They come in a vaste range of shapes and sizes. Some contain batteries and a motor in one unit. Others have a separate battery pack connected by a cable. Yet others are powered from the mains electricity supply. Nearly all vibrators will give sufficient stimulation to get you to orgasm within a five or ten minutes.

Things to consider when selecting your vibrator are: price (and price of batteries), noisy or quiet, waterproof for bath-tub fun and easy cleaning, size (if you want to insert it into your vagina), aesthentic appeal, disguise (a pen that happens to vibrate will cause fewer blushes at the airport luggage check than an erect penis shape complete with veins). Here are some vibrators that I recommend. Follow the links to buy them discreetly at this online shop without having to brave your local high street store. They range in price from just under $10 to just over $100.

Mains powered Battery powered
Rotating shaft with clitoral vibrator Small with external battery pack
Disguised vibrators Waterproof vibrators
Slightly different...

If you are still not sure which vibrator to buy, Good Vibrations: The New Complete Guide to Vibrators may help.

Step 2 - Read this book
Step 1 above is really all you need to know, but Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women goes into much greater depth.

cover   Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women

Step 3 - There's no step 3!
Follow steps 1 and 2, and you have an orgasm. It's that simple.

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